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3 Panel Drug Tests

When you have a few specific drugs that your establishment checks for, you can find quality and affordable 3 panel drug tests in our product inventory. These premium drug test kits allow you to detect common drugs that are abused, such as cocaine and opiates, as well as methamphetamine and THC. When you go with the iCup 3 panel instant drug screen, you will have two different panel configurations to choose from based on your needs.

Promoting a Drug-Free Environment

One of the main reasons companies and establishments such as law and medical facilities choose to use an instant drug screen is to promote an environment that is drug-free and safe for all involved. Businesses want to ensure that productivity levels are high and that work is not missed due to drugs being misused. Drug abuse in the workplace can also be very dangerous depending on what the job entails, particularly if it involves such things as working with electricity or driving heavy machinery.

If a drug problem has been an issue with someone you love, you will find that an at home drug test can help hold them accountable and make sure they are staying on the right path. A home drug test is the ideal way to get results in the privacy of your house, and the FDA approved tests are accurate and simple enough to use for both businesses and individuals.

Clear Results That Are Visible in Minutes

When you administer a generic cocaine instant dip card, you want to get the results quickly. Whether you use one a week or fifty in a day, being able to easily read the panel and give the urine test will make the process run more smoothly. The instructions are included in the Alere 3 panel instant drug test and all others that we offer, and these are informative and clear.

What You Get When You Choose from Our Inventory

You can find a home drug test that will make sense for your purposes when you choose from our inventory. If you are buying in bulk for a business, the price per drug testing panel will drop with the more you purchase. Shipping is secure and discreet, and we are here to make your experience a great one, so don't hesitate to reach out to learn more.

  • 3 Panel iCup Instant Drug Screen Test Cup 25/Box

    3 Panel iCup Instant Drug Screen Test Cup 25/Box

    The iCup Drug Screen Cup is the simplest, self-contained one step drug test. Results are visible within minutes. A positive result is indicated with one line and a negative result with two. An additional bonus with the iCup is that you may photocopy the...

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