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Wondfo Dip Cards

We provide a wide selection of Wondfo dip cards, and each serves a specific service for the users. If maintaining a drug-free workplace, home, or other environment is important to you and part of your policy, you will discover the benefits of the Wondfo Biotech drug dip cards such as ease of use, visibility of results, and 99% accuracy. Items like the Wondfo Biotech 10- Panel Drug Dip Cards detect drugs that are commonly abused, such as methamphetamine, ecstasy, opiates, and cocaine, and our selection is tailored to meet your needs.

What Are Dip Cards?

Dip cards are a simple method that allows you to dip the test in the urine sample and get a reading in as fast as five minutes. The results are accurate and the product is FDA cleared and CLIA waved, and there are variations for you to choose from. If you want to test for multiple drugs, you can purchase the Wondfo Biotech 12 panel drug dip cards. However, if you are only detecting for one substance, the Wondfo Biotech 1 panel drug dip cards will be a better choice.

Who Can Benefit from Using Dip Cards?

Many establishments that have high security clearance levels require employees to take drug tests, as do many schools and daycares that have employees who work with children. If you manage a company that operates large pieces of equipment or operate at a higher level of risk, such as electricians and commercial construction workers, you want to make sure no one is abusing drugs. Many more businesses and employers benefit from administering tests like the Wondfo Biotech 5 panel drug dip cards.

Why Are Wondfo Dip Cards a Popular Choice?

Wondfo Biotech 7 panel drug dip cards are a very popular choice because the manufacturer takes pride in the quality from the container to the visual results. Because there are many options, you can take the time and review the different types, like the Wondfo Biotech 9 panel drug dip cards if you have many substances to test for, or you can get the Wondfo Biotech 6 panel drug dip cards if you have fewer drugs to detect. Whatever your needs, do not hesitate to reach out to our highly-skilled and trained customer support.