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To Drug Test or Not

To Drug Test or Not

Posted by Admin on Mar 29th 2014

To Drug Test or Not To Drug Test – that is the question many companies, especially small companies struggle with regarding drug testing employees. Be it pre-employment, random, cause related/suspicion based. For many small companies they are not sure if they can afford to do pre-employment and/or random testing. Statistics vary from source to source, but virtually all indications are that over 70% of people who utilize/abuse drugs are employed. Pre-employment testing of the people a company chooses to offer employment helps insure the best hiring decision. Random drug testing helps insure the company maintains a drug free work place. Both types of drug testing will save the company, regardless of size, time, energy and costs. The better question might be, can a company afford not to test? offers a variety of vehicles for companies to drug test their employees. It offers a full line of urine based instant drug test devices such as drug test dip cards and drug test cups to oral saliva devices. Drug-Testing-For-Less recommends that all instant drug tests that have presumptive positive results be sent to a certified laboratory for confirmation testing. also partners with some of the top SAMSHA certified laboratories in the U.S., offering both confirmation services as well as laboratory testing services for both urine, saliva, and hair based testing. All states have laws and regulations regarding the use of drug testing devices in employment related decisions. Please check with your state government for appropriate laws in your state.