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Posted by Blog Administrator on Nov 4th 2019

The impact of a positive drug test can have devastating results. It can lead to termination from a job, missing out on an employment opportunity, or in the worst case even being arrested and incarcerated. Due to the high stakes involved, some individuals will do whatever they can to mask the presence of drugs in their system in order to pass a drug test.

What is adulteration?

Urine samples that have been tampered with are called “adulterated specimen.” Adulteration is the intentional manipulation of a urine sample in order to pass a drug-screening test.

The following are the top five ways substance-using people beat the common urine test:

1.Diluting the urine by adding water to the urine specimen, or by drinking large amounts of water to over-hydrate themselves.

2.Substituting urine from another source, such as a friend or even commercially available urine.

3.Using commercial “screens” like QuickKlean, Goldenseal, or Super Clean 13 to dilute a sample.

4.Drinking vinegar to alter the pH balance in urine.

5.Adding substances like salt, soap, or eye drops to the urine.

Testing for contaminated urine

Employers, schools, government facilities and drug labs can test for tampering in a drug test through the use of adulteration tests and test strips. These tests can test for:

  • Whether the sample is possibly diluted with water or other liquids as indicated by the creatinine and specific gravity tests.
  • If the sample contains commercially available adulterants including nitrite, glutaraldehyde, bleach, pyridinium chlorochromate and other oxidizing
  • agents.
  • Contamination by acidic (vinegar) or basic (ammonia solution) adulterant.
  • The Drug Adulteration Test is a fast and convenient tool for assessing the integrity of urine samples prior to Drug of Abuse Testing. The test strips provide qualitative determinations of various adulterants in urine samples. An "abnormal" result signals a potentially tampered urine sample.

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