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11 Panel Drug Tests

Testing for drugs is a must for many establishments and there are many purposes to detecting substances in the body. Law enforcement facilities test inmates and those that are on parole, rehabilitation clinics drug test to ensure the patient is detoxing from the drug properly and not abusing, and there are many more reasons to use an at home drug test. Whatever your purpose for using 11 panel drug tests, you will find that our selection is the most affordable and we only feature quality products.

Accurate Drug Testing Panels

It is vital that when you administer an instant drug screen that the results are accurate because there can be consequences based on the outcome. The Alere iScreen 11 panel instant drug test is popular because it is clean and there is no tipping necessary. The results occur in minutes and you will appreciate that the drug test kits are designed to be fully integrated and easy to read. The iCup 11 panel instant drug screen is a urine test that will detect the most commonly abused drugs, like opiates, cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine.

Versatile to Meet Your Needs

We understand that all of our customers have unique needs when it comes to administering an instant drug screen, and our test selection is customized for you. Whether you are making a smaller purchase for an at home drug test or you run a large facilities that tests for substance abuse, you will find something in our inventory that meets both your budget and detection needs.

Affordable and Easy to Use

When you get a home drug test, you will want the process to be as clean and easy for you as possible. The 11 panel drug test does not require you to take steps to activate the test. The person being tested will fill it with urine, and then you simply peel a sticker back to see the results. There are clear instructions, but if you have questions about how to use a generic cocaine instant dip card or you need clarification on reading test results, you can call our friendly and informed customer service. We are here to be your drug test kit solution, and you can get the most affordable price and best service when you take advantage of our selection.