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2 Panel Drug Tests

The best drug testing panels are FDA cleared and up to 99% accurate, and they are easy to use for random testing as well as for new employment purposes. With the Alere 2 panel dip card, you can test for drugs such as barbiturates, cocaine, and marijuana that can alter the way a person works and acts within their atmosphere. An instant drug screen is the ideal way to keep your work and home environment free of substance abuse, and it is affordable and easy to administer. When you invest in our products, you'll save both time and money keeping the people around you safe and drug-free.

Establishments and Individuals That Use Drug Tests

When an establishment needs to monitor drug abuse, such as a rehab clinic or an emergency room, products like the Alere iCassette 2 panel drug test will ensure precise and fast results. If patients are acting strangely, it is important to understand what substance is altering the state of the person. For legal purposes, a marijuana dip card may be necessary to administer for those on probation or recovering from drug abuse.

Professionals also invest in tests like the generic cocaine instant dip card to ensure employees are drug-free and that the workplace environment stays this way. Financial institutions, construction companies, restaurants, and many other businesses find value in these tests because they are cost-effective and easy and clean to administer.

Easy to Use Drug Tests for All Purposes

No matter what purpose you have for detecting drugs with tests like the K2 & Spice / synthetic cannabinoid THC dip card, you can count on detailed instructions for administering and reading results. If you have questions, you can reach out to our knowledgeable customer support to learn more about which test will be the best for your establishment. If you are giving an at home test, then we understand that you will want it to be private, so we ship our products discreetly and our payment methods are secure.

Take advantage of the 2 panel instant drug test when you have specific drugs to detect, and enjoy the cost-savings and accuracy that come with our premium products. These drug tests are designed to be convenient for all that are involved.