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6 Panel Drug Tests

Drug tests are used by a range of places, such as law enforcement establishments, medical facilities, businesses, and homes, and our goal is to be your solution when you need 6 panel drug tests. There are many drug test kits to choose from and they will each have different configuration panels for you to choose from. You will get fast results from these FDA cleared 6 panel drug tests and they are visually easy to understand, so you can be confident when looking at the information. If you need clarification about a home drug test or have questions about buying in bulk, don't hesitate to reach out.

Detecting the Commonly Abused Drugs

The iCup 6 Panel instant drug screen detects drugs like ecstasy, oxycodone, opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, morphine, buprenorphine, and much more. You can choose the configuration that makes the most sense for your purposes and the results will visually appear within minutes. Having this kind of versatility is going to be helpful for places such as addiction centers that are testing for a few specific drugs, as well as companies that only want to test for certain substances.

Drug Tests That Serve a Variety of Purposes

Alere 6 panel instant drug tests and others that are similar can be used by multiple places and service many purposes: at home, for employment, for law enforcement, and more. Different people have their own reasons for testing for drugs, and we are here to make that easier. These reasons can range from random tests for employees to ensure safety when operating machinery or weapons, as well as for patients at a rehab clinic or inmates in jail. In some cases, you will see insurance savings when testing for drugs, and you will deter employees from abusing drugs.

How to Get the Best Price for Premium Products

If you need an at home drug test, our tests are the best price that you will be able to find. We provide premium drug testing panels, and while our prices are low, we never compromise on the quality and integrity of the products we securely ship to you. We have a range of inventory from a generic cocaine instant dip card to fourteen panel tests, and everything in between.