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4 Panel Drug Tests

When you need to test for common drugs that are abused, you have a few different options to get fast and accurate results. One option is an instant drug screen. Our 4 panel drug tests can detect the different variations of substances, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and opiates. The urine tests are easy to use and the results are clear to read, and on certain products like the iCup 4 panel instant drug screen, you get tamper proof features and temperature strips. Our drug test kits are FDA cleared and can be used by professionals, as well as at home. You will not be able to find a lower price for quality drug test panels and our customer support is here to answer any questions you have about the tests and how they work.

Why Use 4 Panel Drug Tests

There are many people and professionals that benefit from products like the Alere 4 panel instant drug test. Businesses that want to be drug-free can administer drug tests when hiring new employees. In some cases, they will also choose to give random tests. If the job requires individuals to operate heavy machinery, transport customers in vehicles, and perform tasks like climbing ladders, insurance companies and others involved will want to ensure these professionals are free of substance abuse.

Law enforcement establishments and others in legal professions test for substance abuse for those that are on parole or living in halfway houses, and medical facilities and rehabilitation clinics also test to ensure the environment is free of drug abuse. An at home drug test can benefit those that want to get the results privately, whether you are helping a family member overcome addiction or you want to ensure your home is drug-free.

Why Quality Drug Tests Are Essential

When you choose a home drug test or are selecting one for a professional establishment, it is vital that you go with a premium product. Getting accurate results that are visually easy to read is imperative to making the right decisions moving forward. A generic cocaine instant dip card, a 4 panel drug test, and other variations from our inventory are accurate and affordable, and they give you the fast results you desire.